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Irish Lotto

Irishlotto.com is your source for everything about the Irish Lottery including the latest official results, news, information and special events for Lotto, EuroMillions, Daily Millions, Telly Bingo, Lotto 5-4-3-2-1 and the Millionaire Raffle. To check to see if you have the winning numbers for the latest draws go to Results Page.

How to Play the Irish Lotto

There are several ways that you can play the Irish Lotto:

Buy an Irish Lotto ticket in-store

Lotto tickets are sold across Ireland at various licensed retailers such as convenience stores, news agents, supermarkets including chains such as Londis, Centra and Spar, kiosks and many more. In total there are over 5,300 stores across Ireland which sell National Lottery tickets to about 1.4 million Irish Lotto players every week.

To Play Instore

  • Choose your own numbers by marking a Lotto payslip in each panel with the games you want to play.
  • Choose a Quick Pick using randomly generated numbers selected for you. Ask your National Lottery agent directly if you would like to have a Quick Pick.
  • When you have paid keep your ticket safe until the Lotto draw to see if you have won. Some players choose to sign their payslip as evidence of ownership should they somehow lose the lottery ticket.
  • Find out more information here.

Play the Irish Lotto online

  • Register an account with the National Lottery. (Note that only people who are legally resident in Ireland may register an account.)
  • Once in your account click or tap to the Lotto page and select your draw. Either key in your numbers 1 to 47 OR use the QP button for an automatic Quick Pick.
  • You can also select “My Last Ticket” if you’ve played before to play the same numbers again.
  • You can also go to “My Favourite numbers” and choose from your list of saved favourite numbers.
  • You may either select or deselect the Lotto Plus extra game.
  • You may also select Advance Play draws you want your numbers to play in the future.

Bet on the Irish Lotto from the UK

  • While only Irish residents may register an account and play Lotto games online it is possible for residents of the United Kingdom to bet on the Irish Lotto with Lottoland UK.
  • When you bet on the Irish Lottery you are placing a bet on the official results rather than purchasing an Irish Lotto lottery ticket. However the odds of winning are the same as the Irish Lotto and if you win a prize including the jackpot you will take the same amount of winnings as an official Irish Lotto winner.
  • You can either pick your own numbers from 1-47 or use a Quick Pick as well as add Irish Lotto +. You also have extra options such as playing with Double Jackpot to double the top prize.
  • You can also pick to bet automatically on future draws with a subscription or when the jackpot reaches a specific threshold.
  • Checkout and Register your account and once you are verified you will be able to be on the Irish Lottery from anywhere in the UK.

Irish Lotto vs UK Lotto

While the UK Lotto and Irish Lotto have a similar format the Irish Lotto has better odds of winning and a lower price which is why it has long been the favourite alternative of lottery lovers in the UK.

Table comparing Irish National Lotto to UK National Lotto
Irish LottoUK Lotto
Price€4 (€2 per line, minimum 2 lines)£2
Number of Balls6 (1-47)6 (1-59)
Bonus Balls11
Odds of winning a prize1 in 291 in 10
Odds of wining the jackpot1 in 10,737,5731 in 45,057,474
Minimum Jackpot€19,060,800£2 million
Highest Jackpot€2 million£66,000,000
Draw DaysWednesday & SaturdayWednesday & Saturday

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